NOx converter

In order to keep the NOx measurement in EPA method 7E and 20 in an economic frame, for example for applications like diesel NOx monitoring or automobile NOx monitoring, the conversion of  NOx into NO with Nox Converter is the best economical and reliable solution.


The sample gas streams through a catalyst filled cartridge inserted into an oven which is heated up to over 400°C. The catalyst converts the NOx to NO and thus makes the analysis possible with IR analysers.

Gas converter BÜNOx 2+

  • 19" Rack mount housing
  • Optional bypass solenoid valves
  • Optional long-life cartridges available
  • Low temperatures for high efficiency
  • Maintenance calculator NOxCal for service life monitoring
  • Optimised menu navigation
  • Reactor cartridge easy to change without tools
  • High conversion rate > 97 %
  • High NO2 capacity

Datasheet (1,378 kb)Instruction manual (1,278 kb)