Portable probes and conditioning systems

Portable sample gas conditioning PCS.base

  • Ideal for service, comparison- and sample measurement
  • Selectable Delta-T control for optimal cooling capacity
  • Adjustable outlet dew point and alarms

Datasheet (1,129 kb)Instruction manual (4,745 kb)

Portable sample gas conditioning PCS.smart

  • Adjustable outlet dew point and alarm thresholds
  • TC-Standard OEM Cooling system with 76 Btu/h nominal capacity
  • Optional moisture detector, sample gas pump, flow meter, bypass
  • Optimal for Smartline heated line or alternative heated lines
  • Optionally available with built-in controller up to max. 1600 W
  • Successor of the TGAK3

Datasheet (192 kb)Instruction manual (1,475 kb)

Portable sample probes type Smartline

  • Portable probe and heated line as all-in-one solution for mobile applications
  • Designed for sample measurements
  • Also suitable for control measurements or continuous sampling
  • Self-regulating or temperature-controlled heated
  • Also ideal for service companies
  • Built-in, heated filter element
  • Low weight
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Stack mounting possible
  • Tool-less filter element change
  • Space-saving version for sampling with high moisture content
  • Option: Test gas function option on input end
  • Option: Transport case

Datasheet (927 kb)Instruction manual (1,165 kb)