Combined liquid level and temperature controller


Combined liquid level and temperature controller


The design of compact reservoirs for hydraulic or lubrication applications leaves hardly enough space on the tank top to accommodate the necessary controllers for level and temperature.


The surveillance of the liquid level supposed to be punctual whereas the temperature reading supposed to be continuous; thus it makes the accommodation of these two units even more difficult. Now the new Nivotemp-MD series of Bühler Technologies, a leading manufacturer of accessories for the fluid power industries, offers a perfect solution.


Equipped with a ¾” male boss, the Nivotemp-MD combines two level contacts with a temperature controller which is accommodated in a rugged moulded housing with good visibility through a LED display. Up to four individual set points are free programmable to signal the deviations of the expected oil temperature. Optional available is one analogue output together with one programmable set point.


The controller is driven by a microprocessor and the programming menu follows the new VDMA recommendation 24574ff. The same structure is also recommended for implementation of pressure controls which standardises the programming mode across the whole fluid power industry.

M12 electrical connectors are required and the power supply is 24V DC.


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