New Sample Gas Probe for operating temperature up to 280°C


In the process of extractive gas analysis, it is essential to stabilise the operating temperature of the sample stream above a certain level. If the sample gas would undercut these limits, acids could fall out or chemical reactions could take place, e.g. salt or other crystals may be formed. Unexpected acid condensate could increase the corrosive property of the gas or the  precipitation of solids could block the gas path consequently.

As the interface between the process and the gas analysis conditioning system  plus the ambient atmosphere , the sample probe. must keep up with the process parameters as well as provide a safe sample stream.

Besides employing corrosion resistant materials in all gas wetted areas, the heating system must provide enough performance to keep the set limits even under varying ambient conditions.

The new GAS 222.20 HT sample probe provides an excellent solution for such critical applications. The operating temperature can be adjusted between 50 to 280°C. The alarm outputs signal low and high deviations; also, a clear display indicates the actual temperature level. The alarms are adjustable within a span of +/-5 to 30K.

This unique sample probe works under ambient temperatures between -20 up to + 70°C and the power supply can be chosen for 115 or 230V AC 50/60 Hz.


Additional accessories like sample tubes, extensions, ANSI flanges or calibration ports are available. The integrated particulate filter element can be maintained without extra tools. A

hinged weather protection comes as standard.

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